Why is my PC so slow, do I need a new one?


Your current computer is more than adequate for your needs.

Computer Technology has far outpaced the average user's needs.

90% of the time your PC will run like new using our professional repair methods.

Why is my PC having problems?

Most of the problems PC's have today are related to all the applications and bugs people download and install onto their machines.

After a while, your PC starts to slow down, or even starts freezing up.

Your internet connection starts to work slow, or even stop.

Also, Malware and Spyware start to build up in your machine and that creates even more problems.

Your machine may even get to the point where it wont even start up or files and pictures are missing.

How can you repair my PC?

We are the company who invented Remote Interactive Diagnostics (RID) 20 years ago. Using our technology we can remotely diagnose your problem and then move down the tools to repair the most common PC problems.

Microsoft Ending XP Support

More Info: Now is the perfect time to announce an automated computer repair product on the market. With Microsoft making all the claims that they are ending support of XP, (they ended support really in 2009), XP users are concerned. In addition, with the proliferation of PC Malware and Marketing Spyware, computers are getting choked up and slowing down at an alarming rate.

This slow down is being created by a number of different reasons such as marketing bugs that use overhead for tracking, browser bugs that control your browsing, bugs that attack the computers security, malicious bugs that destroy functionality and malware that shuts down windows functions and services. The net result of all these attacks are diminished functionality and reduced speed. Customers in essence believe their computer is bad and are being up-sold at alarming rates to purchase new by the retailers and manufacturers.

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