We FIX The Disabled Windows Computer's Others Can't


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To create a bootable startup USB with the LikeNEWPC program on it click on the radial button by “Create Startus USB/CD/Disk With LikeNEWPC” and then click Continue.

Note: For XP users you MUST create a startup boot disk to use LikeNEWPC as it only runs from a startup disk.


Select CD/DVD


Select CD/DVD Drive

Select the CD/DVD Drive you wish to burn the LikeNEWPC boot and startup program to by clicking on the drop down arrow and highlighting from the list presented. Click continue.


Insert Blank CD/DVD into tray, then close tray



Click on Yes to burn the LikeNEWPC program and boot sector to your blank disk. Once completed you can take this disk to a disabled computer, boot from the disk, and then run our software program automatically.


Click OK to finalize


Disk Completed, take to disabled PC and FIX it LikeNEW!