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Create a bootable startup USB

To create a bootable startup USB with the LikeNEWPC program on it click on the radial button by “Create Startus USB/CD/Disk With LikeNEWPC” and then click Continue.

Note: For XP users you MUST create a startup boot disk to use LikeNEWPC as it only runs from a startup disk.


Select USB Drive


Insert the USB Thumb Drive and click on Continue.

NOTE: Your USB Drive will be formatted and all data will be lost. Verify there is no important information on your USB before clicking on continue.


Burn Boot & Program to USB

The utility will pop a screen to allow the boot sector and program to be written (burned) on your USB. Click on the Start button to begin the process.


Start Format and Burn

Read the Warning and click OK to begin burining USB with the program.


USB Device Written

Once the utility begins writing a blue bar will increment across the bottom of the popup window. Once the bar has completed from left to right “Ready” will be displayed beneth the bar. At this time the USB was burned successfully. Simply click “Close” and “X” out of any windows still displayed on your computer. You can now remove the USB device and take it to a non starting, XP or disabled computer and run the LikeNEWPC program.