We FIX The Disabled Windows Computer's Others Can't


No Subscriptions, No Gimmicks, No Techs


How LikeNEWPC Recovers Your Lost Files:

LikeNEWPC is the first service available that fixes hard drive boot, missing files and other errors that stop your computer from starting. Using its own operating system, LikeNEWPC can start your disabled computer much like an old DOS boot disk did back in the day. Essentially we startup your computer and then allow you to backup your data!

So if you lost your password or your computer does not boot at all, there is a chance we will be able to get your pictures, files or data. Even better is the fact that it's all automated. Select the easy option to backup you're my documents files and pictures folder automatically or the advanced to choose which files you want to backup. LikeNEWPC will automatically calculate space requirements and tell you how big the USB must be to backup your stuff. Then simply click the Backup button to save your lost information.